Gold is a precious metal that has captivated humanity for millennia due to its rarity, beauty and intrinsic value. This shiny yellow metal is prized for its long-lasting shine.

Global Cash has been a trader and expert for 40 years in stock market gold, also called “investment gold”.

Over the centuries, gold has taken on different meanings and been used for a variety of purposes. Historically, it has been fashioned into coins, jewelry, and objects of artistic value. Its use in jewelry dates back to ancient times, where it symbolized wealth, social status and even divinity in some cultures.

Aside from its cultural significance, gold has also played a vital role in the global financial system as a store of value. Governments and investors have often sought refuge in gold during times of economic instability because it retains its value in the face of currency fluctuations.

Today, gold continues to be a symbol of wealth and prestige, while retaining its appeal as a safe investment in an ever-changing financial world.

Whether in the form of glittering jewelry or monetary reserves, gold remains a precious metal to which humanity attaches deep and lasting value.

Gold Coins

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Gold is a metal that does not experience crisis. Quite the contrary: the stock markets at half mast have once again made gold a safe investment by causing prices to explode.

In five years, its value has tripled even though in recent months we have been experiencing a lull linked to various profit-taking in a disrupted global economic context.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The ounce, also called “Troy Ounce” from Anglo-Saxon countries, used around the world for the quotation of precious metals such as gold or silver. One ounce is equivalent to 31.1034768 grams.

Example: In a gold bar there are 32.15 ounces

1 kg = 1,000 g or 1,000: 31.1034768= 32.15

An ounce of gold is always given in relation to 1 dollar or 1 Euro.

No, since September 1, 2010, all investment gold purchase or sale transactions must be settled by check or wire transfer.

YES, two taxation regimes are applicable.

1st regime: THE TMP (Tax on Precious Metals)

(Confers article 150 of the General Tax Code)

Individuals are subject to a flat-rate levy (whether there is capital gain or capital loss). This tax is the TMP, Precious Metals Tax, the rate of which is 11.5%.

2nd regime: TPV (Taxes on Value Added Values)

(Refers to article 68 of the amending finance law for 2005)

Indeed, since January 1, 2012, sellers of so-called “investment” gold can choose to pay 36.2% on the capital gain with a discount of 5% per year from the 3rd year of holding

To do this, you must be able to prove the date and purchase value of your gold. In other words, when selling your gold, you will need to present a nominative invoice, dated, with the value of the property.

If you are purchasing investment gold, we accept certified checks as well as bank transfers, with no payment limits.

Yes, the condition of the coins is decisive. We sell on the stock exchange, on your behalf, only gold coins in good condition.

After expertise, the coins that we consider cleaned and polished or very damaged are purchased on a refusal basis, that is to say by weight.

Yes, in this way we certify the quality and value of the coins sold in our GLOBAL CASH agencies.

In addition, we offer our seals, thus we ensure their resale by all approved organizations.

Yes, for this we must appraise them and if we consider the coins to be in “marketable” condition then we will seal them for you free of charge.